Trinity Market is Cooking Up a Storm

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Hull’s Trinity Market is taking its place at the centre of a food resurgence.

The once dark and uninviting hall has been transformed into a bright, inviting and welcoming space. People of all ages call in to chat with friends over a drink and a bite or grab a takeout on the move.

The food hall is home to a wide variety of fresh and freshly prepared goods.

Two of the longest serving market stall holders provide the finest produces to cook up a storm at home. 

Chak and Sue fruit and veg stall has been offering a wide variety fruit and vegetables for over 25 years in the market and say they have seen many changes.

‘there are more people coming through the doors which gives everyone a better chance to sell’.

Located in directly inside the doors on Trinity House Lane, the colour is the first thing that hits you, then comes the inviting aroma of freshly harvested fruit and veg.

Amanda Ibberts of East Hull said ‘it’s the only place I buy my fruit and veg. It gives me a reason to leave the house’.

E. Duffield butchers have been providing the fresh meat to market users since 1999.

For those who are suffering hunger pangs, the range of freshly prepared delicacies is as varied as the people who eat them.

 Freshly handcrafted sandwiches, salads or a jacket potato are available at the Trinity Delicatessen.

If pizza with a cone shaped twist is more your thing Cone Queen offers a fun practical alternative to the norm.

Alessandro’s offers traditional Sicilian treats including pasta, paninis and arranchini alongside sweet delights.

The moist, hot carbonara arancini with a crispy shell is perfectly balanced in flavour and portion size. A handmade cannolo filled with feta and chocolate is the perfect sweet treat, and with a combined price of just £5.50 is well worth it’s price tag.

In addition to edible delicacies there is a varied selection of the drinkable kind too.

Like most thing’s drinks have trends, and three of the biggest are available in the heart of the food court.

Coffee is a staple of most people’s day. A steaming cup from Caffeinated always hits the spot. They use beans roasted locally in The Blending Room.

Craft beers are a common site at local markets and festivals, but how many markets can boast its own onsite brewery.

Vittles Company is home to Hull’s smallest brewery.

Owner Richard Rockett produces craft Belgium style wheat beer, a more traditional English mild and pale ales within the market.

Richard from Grimsby gave up a career in marketing to focus on brewing full time ‘it’s hard work, but it doesn’t feel like work. It’s very satisfying’.

He said ‘the thing is with craft beer industry; it exists on people being able to try something new every week’

Within the stall Richard not only retails his own produce but is also keen to promote that of others as well. This includes fair from Atom and Bracknell Brewery.

‘All the local breweries are very supportive, it’s such a specialist industry we all do what we can to help each other.’

Mike Adams of Cottingham said ‘there’s something different about having an actual brewery on a market stall, it makes it a bit different. Plus, the bottled Mild goes down really well’.

In addition to his stall in the, Trinity Market hall Richard plays an active part in the Hull Street food nights, farmers market and of course the real ale festivals.

There is one drink that seems to have taken the world by storm of late and that is Gin.

Once know as ‘mothers ruin’ it has become the drink of the moment.

The award-winning Hotham’s Gin School and distillery is located in the adjoining Hepworth Arcade, but also has a bar and bottle shop within the market’s food hall.

Emma Kinton who owns Hotham’s said ‘my first date with my partner Simon was at a Gin school. What started as a hobby has turned into this monster’

In 2019 the school was awarded the Remarkable East Yorkshire Tourism for Remarkable Food Experience.

Their Cardamom Gin also won the Best Drink in Yorkshire award.

‘There is a massive trend now for sweet gins, these are great with Indian tonics or a rose lemonade’

Throughout Trinity market there is a genuine sense of positivity coming from the stall holders and visitors alike.

Debbie of Dunvegan Road said: ‘I never use to come in here, now, I come in on my lunch break at least twice a week’.Trinity

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