Assignment Prep: Once You Know Yourself The Rest Is Just Planning

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For all student’s like myself this is the business end of the year.

In the past I would have been of the mindset that there is still a couple of months before deadline and I could carry on plodding along with little if any worry about what’s to come.

Those were the days when I could pull all nighters, then sleep for three days. Unfortunately these days that would probably kill me. The important thing is that it’s in my awareness so I can do something to change it.

In what feels like another life I went to catering college in Scarborough. A phrase was drilled into us which I will never forget. The phrase is called the 5 P’s and goes something like this:

Perfect Preperation Prevents Pisspoor Performance

Earlier this year I asked myself several questions:

What do I really want?

What do I need to do? – this included things like work and work experience as well as uni

What are my limitations? – this included time constraints

What are my strengths?

How can I make positive changes to make things happen?

Some of the finding took me by surprise others not so much.

The outcome was simple(ish) I need to be really organised and disciplined. There must be balance, and the acceptance that not all planning goes to plan. If it doesn’t, make adjustments and don’t give up.

The one thing that I have found is by being brutally honest with myself I have been able to make lots of little changes that have made a world of difference.

At the moment I am as organised as I can be for the mayhem that is coming, and that is a great place to be.



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